About us

HR Exchange, Inc. (HRX Payroll) is the leading provider of HR outsourcing and payroll management services in the US with more than 3,000 large and small corporate clients across the country. Founded by a team of payroll and human resource professionals, HRX is the successor to THCS Insurance Services, Inc. (THCS), an HR and Benefits company established in 2001.


Our mission is to consistently deliver the quality HR payroll services in the country.


Using the THCS business and leadership model as a springboard, HRX has grown from a local operation in Woodland Hills, California to one of the nation’s largest providers of HR systempayroll outsourcing services, and employee benefits insurance with offices in Seal Beach, CA, Las Vegas, NV and Miami, FL.


Powered by industry leading technology, a decade of global experience, and seasoned professionals, we simplify the way you do business, from basic paycheck services and epayroll processing to value-added human resource outsourcing solutions.


Partner with us and get the benefits of streamlined payroll processing, efficient HR management, and timely industry insights.

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