Company Growth and Human Resource Payroll Software

human resource payrollIt is important for a company to manage their human resources to ensure the growth of their business. As such, companies make sure to have human resources departments that carry out administrative activities such as payroll. However, due to intricate process and a large number of employee data, the process can become excruciatingly tedious and prone to error. Through information technology, the invention of human resource payroll software has allowed companies better efficiency in handling payroll and other aspects of business development as well. Continue reading

Payroll Outsourcing and Its Benefits

payroll outsourcingIt is not a surprise to know that companies have their own financial department that handles calculation of employee salaries. By the sound of it, it is quite a tedious job, but it is also very important since it deals with the workforce of the entire company. Salary is not something to be overlooked since there are laws entwined with it since when the company neglects to pay their employees on time or with the exact amount, they risk facing a very serious lawsuit.

In payroll outsourcing, the company sees an opportunity to save on money by minimizing labor costs and resources. Companies that perform an assessment can realize the financial gains they can achieve by choosing to do payroll outsourcing. Not only that but a company can also reduce the number of employees it has to appoint to a certain task, in this case processing their payrolls, and thus save on manpower and additional resources. Continue reading

Top 3 Benefits Of Switching To Streamline Payroll Processing

streamline payroll processingUp to this day a lot of companies are conducting their payroll services the old-fashioned way: all by themselves. For good reasons too (or so they think). They believe it saves them time, money, and other resources which would not be possible if they fan it out to a payroll solutions company to do streamline payroll processing. Besides, it is a tried and tested procedure which has worked for many for so many years.

If it aint broke, why fix it?”

Here’s why: because there is a better way that will save you a ton of headaches in the future – outsource it.

Despite it being around for over a decade now, many companies still have a lot of reservations when it comes to outsourcing. Whether it be trust issues due to classified information being database exposed to outsiders, to steep pricing schemes, and other misconceptions about outsourcing. But the management should bear in mind that in this fast paced business world, you need to move forward so you will not get left behind. So here are some of the great benefits of switching to outsourced streamline payroll processing.

Systems Integration

They have an integrated payroll software that computes all the necessary end of the month reports such as withholding tax, payroll tax, medical benefits deduction, and other classifications of taxes. By using this they are able to track and manage payroll and employee sensitive data more efficiently.

Workflow Automation Programs

Here is another time saver and headache buster program they have that will dig you out of the age-old paper based workflows. Now with just one click you can easily see what you want, who you want, and all the necessary information you need about a certain employee. This way no one gets lost in the paper shuffle.

Optimizing Resources At Low Cost

Contrary to the fears of some business owners, outsourcing your human resources payroll processing will actually save you money because you will greatly reduce your overhead costs and optimize your in-house staff to work on more critical areas of your business. You on the other hand can focus on what matters most – improving your products and/or services.

The Importance of Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy in HR System

hr system, payroll management services, flexible payroll solutionsThe HR System always has a better way of managing their workers through Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy as a strategic psychological guideline.

Two of the primary functions of the human resource management are to attract and select potential employees. Attracting applicants may seem a very interesting task that will make use of natural entrepreneurship and advertising skills; but effective means always require rigid scientific standards. As to how one would scientifically make employees apply for their offered job, there is no other field worth using but psychology. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs may prove a very powerful guide as to how the human resource system could attract and select employees.

Physiological Needs

It is very obvious that employees wanted to apply for a job so that they can earn money and run their own lives. There seems to be virtually no way for the human resource department to neglect advertising this negotiable aspect. But there are certain jobs that require a certain amount of reduction on these needs according to the standards of the profession (ex. diet restriction for professional athletes or sleep deprivation in night shift telemarketers). When it comes to attracting and selecting employees, it would be advisable to choose certain candidates who are willing to reduce some aspects of their physiological needs based on what their job requires by accurately stressing the conditions of the job.

Safety Needs

This could be the crucial part of the human resource system’s recruitment process. One of the things that employees are looking for is the certain financial security that would cater to their needs. Although company policies stress specific conditions in strict accordance to their payroll management services, it is always good to accentuate the positive aspects of the company’s policies that would cater to their financial security.

Love and Belonging

If the human resource system was able to convey to the applicants that employees are greatly appreciated in their firm, then the recruitment process is always a huge success. Recent studies show that one of the most powerful causes for employees to leave the company has nothing to do with pay. Even with a huge income and flexible payroll solutions, employees leave when they are thoroughly under-appreciated and psychologically bullied.


Esteem is something not so much applicable to job applicants in the recruitment process. It applies more to the human resource team and the events team that will welcome the applicants. One of the things that motivate applicants to pursue their application is when they see the hosts of the conscription event performing their task confidently. Applicants will be encouraged to envision themselves to be as proficient and assured whenever they reach such a position of the human resource team or the supervising team. It is a necessary public relations tactics.


The issue of self-actualization is not so crucial during the recruitment stage because this need is often more prevalent during the latter stages of employment. However, how the human resource personnel communicate with the applicants and the conditions and terms they relay to them would often give a glimpse of how much the applicants could “become somebody” if they stay long in the company.

Practice as the Key to Improving HR System

Contrary to common perception, the HR system is a continuous improvement in various applications and not an ossified inflexible framework.

The human resource management vocation is an endeavor that develops with time and experience. Being a career for many professionals who have probably graduated from psychology courses, or are just naturally attuned to dealing with people.

Contrary to what people would think, it is not something that can be attained with perfection overnight. It is also not an endeavor exclusive to certain people with high standard of interpersonal relationships. It is a general vocation indiscriminately applicable to all.

Rush Limbaugh, one of America’s controversial public figures representing rigid Republican perspective, has quoted something that truly applies to what human relations are that people often misinterpret. He said, “Equal rights do not always guarantee equal results.”

The same can be expected of many people taking the position of the human resource management. Thus, it always deviate common initial expectations at the end of the day, where good human resource management is always ultimately determined by experience, hard work, and zeal.

To further understand the hierarchal development of human resource practice from novice to expert, one can simply liken it to other endeavors that entail constant practice. A black belt in traditional martial arts, for example, is a good analogy to illustrate how long-term concentration could yield positive improvements for people involved in the human resource team.

The company’s flexible payroll solution may be an important aspect in delivering good human resource management, but this inflexible mechanical aspect is just a very limited criteria.

Other than the organization’s payroll management services, what often matters the most for employees or members in regards to their relationship with the human resource management is the latter’s helpful solutions to the certain concerns and issues of the labor department or the members of the association. Although good pay or reward has always kept constituents compliant, it is always the support that has kept the group motivated in the midst of conflicts.

Initially, the human resource personnel are quite inept in their applications of the theoretical concepts that made human resource management work. After all, this career is developed through constant practice and a variety of creative solutions to diverse concerns. But over time the human resource team will become quite adaptable to the ever-changing environment within the organization being guided by specific norms and cultural practices. Also, the human resource system will also get more familiar with the stand-out characteristics of the employees or members that are not often indicated in their dossier and formal paperwork personal backgrounds.

This stock of practical learning, which can only be attained with constant hands-on practice on a long-term basis, will unlock better ways for the human resource system to handle the certain inefficiencies within the organization.

It is through a symbiotic operating condition that high levels of functional improvement are attainable in a certain group. The greatest accomplishment of the human resource personnel is to elicit the group’s cooperation in the most agreeable terms for each and everyone system, flexible payroll solution, payroll management services

The Theoretical Structure of Futuristic HR System

hr system, flexible payroll solutions, streamline payroll processingThe human conception of HR System has existed since prehistoric times. It will remain just the way it is in the futuristic space age.

The human resource management system is always the basic step to maintaining a civilized or organized group of people that is aimed at achieving a certain goal. In prehistoric times, human resource management is authorized by a shaman elder who advises and caution’s the nomadic leader on certain decision-making process for the entire cohort.

The dawning of civilization human resource management touches both the political and commercial aspect of society. The same format existed throughout the historic timeline until these contemporary times. One thing remained certain about human resource management – they are the functioning intermediaries among the decision-makers and the constituents of the organization.

When one thinks of the positive futuristic setting of the space age, it is easy to determine the same format of human resource management. In these times the core activity of human society would revolve in the idea of space exploration, planetary colonization and space commerce. In this complex dynamics, human resource personnel still acts as the management of manpower and the advanced streamline payroll processing of its time.

Take for example a mission to colonize a classified habitable planet in another star system to gather a newly discovered resource commodity. The most logical professional position that the human resource personnel would fill is being a team leadership of the astronaut company.

Engineers and architects would build colonies and stable interstellar communication systems in a geographically secure area. Naturalists would explore the possibilities of the surrounding alien flora and fauna while lower-level public workers in the agriculture and craftsmanship would support this settlement team by reproducing necessary resources that will fuel their stay in the planet. All these activities are then supervised by the human resource personnel acting for the authorities from the home planet that sponsored their mission.

During these initial stages of settlement in an unknown world, the new inhabitants would need financial backing from their home world. The human resource management, or the space colonial council to be exact, is in charge of using flexible payroll solutions for the working inhabitants. But in this formative colonial era, legal tender would therefore come from raw mining quota they would send to their home world. Since trade exists, currency will still make sense.

The human resource personnel in charge of the colony would also manage correct distribution of currency to their workers after the authorities of their home world pay them. In this type of complex social dynamics it is unavoidable for the space mission human resource management to become the acting head of the colonial government once the settlement is complete.

Therefore taxes are still being considered in the whole equation of currency distribution to establish a certain degree of sustainable revenue within the off-world mining colony. After all, this may be the most crucial form of social order that people in this alien word would definitely observe.

The HR System Parameters of Public works

flexible payroll solutions, payroll management services, hr systemPublic work is one of the most common professions that often reflect a community’s progress. It is often curious how their HR system operates.

One can only imagine the importance of public works in human society. In fact, the very idea of civilization is solely dependent on humanity’s capability to settle on one place permanently and to domesticate their resources. This can only be possible with the capability of humanity to create a rudimentary containment building and its necessary infrastructures like a roadway as well as vehicles.

From thatched wooden barns of ancient times to modern megalithic silos, domesticating resources would not have been possible without public works. The same can be said about domesticating ideas, from the ancient mason’s creation of temple libraries to the modern communications engineer’s assembly of Internet towers and satellites. To understand how a team of builders functions effectively in building our civilization, it would only be fitting to get the reasonable know-how of the people behind these workers – the human resource personnel.

It is important to understand that the human resource authority of the public works sector may come into two familiar forms – the foreman and the bureaucratic administrative staff. The foreman is pretty much identifiable in ordinary view. In the ancient times these people were called task masters. The foreman oversees the performance of construction or repair crewmen. It is the job of the foreman to direct the concentration of manpower on certain area, or to dictate the pace of intensity during a particular schedule.

The foreman is in charge of the morale and overall work ethics of the construction and reconstruction crewmen. It is their job to give encouragement or set them straight, solely depending on his or her strategy. In some construction firms, the foreman may be in charge of the hiring and firing of employees. Usually he or she is neither in charge of the increase and deduction of pay, nor ideally responsible for the payroll management services.

Most of the flexible payroll solutions are referred to the bureaucratic personnel. In a huge multinational construction firm, this type of management is often represented by the highest ranking officials. But in some small public works sectors, the bureaucracy body is being filled by the foreman’s secretariat.

There may be occasions wherein the human resource administration sitting on the desks would be in charge of the hiring of applicants. But regardless of whatever judicial guidelines they cover, the one certain area that they handle is the complex figures that determine the quota, workforce niche, the architect and engineer’s blueprints, and the total amount of pay that each public works project needed.

Truly, it does not necessarily take an oppressive pace to manage the human resource team that keeps the public works sectors functioning effectively. The only thing that is important is for these people to organize their paper work excellently. In the particular case of the foremen, the oversight task could be daunting. He or she would both answer for the specific directions of the architect and engineer while steering the droves of crewmen in the certain necessary direction.

What are the Three Main Advantages of Using Epayroll?

payroll processing software, epayroll companies, epayroll, hr systemThe main reason why epayroll was authorized and invented is because it allows companies to deliver worker’s pay better and more efficiently.

One of the most difficult tasks that the HR system handles on a regular basis is the reckoning and delivery of the worker’s remuneration. This is not so complicated in the scale of small corporations who only have a handful of laboring teams to look after. But for an esteemed firm that composed of over thousands of employees, the need for a more fluid way of doling out wage or salary is very apparent and it entails utilizing a much improved and up-to-date payroll processing software. There are three known advantages that electronic payroll system has over traditional types.

Direct Pay:

Mainstream reimbursement methods require three parties to function properly. The corporation’s human resource accountant, the banks and the workers who are also bank clients. In order for funds to be transferred effectively, the company would do either two things. They would issue paychecks directly to the workers in order for the latter to withdraw the funds in the bank.

In other cases, firms would directly deposit on the worker’s bank account and the paid employee would either withdraw through the automated teller machine or extract it through the bank tellers themselves. People may get used to this arrangement but the banks often compromises this exchange whenever they unintentionally close down branches or undergo some difficulties of their own. Electronic payroll bypasses this difficulty since it makes use of direct automated transaction between companies and workers.

Fool-proof checks:

Paychecks were clever in the earlier times because it allows people to conduct trade without the exact legal tender being used. However, these days fraudulent schemes have also evolved well enough to prey on those who make constant use of paychecks. The bouncing of checks could be one of the most disheartening experiences of workers who only want to receive their hard earned money to pay some bills.

Aside from technical glitches that may occur more frequently than it does in the past, paychecks have the tendency to get lost or misplaced in the time they are needed the most. But electronic payroll cards issued by current epayroll companies function in the same way as debit cards and avoid the inconvenience that traditional paychecks often incur as a result.

Company’s Ease:

Electronic payroll system is a blessing to both the corporations who hire employees and the workers who are paid by the firms. One of the things that really get in the way of the human resource management’s fluid pace is the fact that traditional payroll processing requires extra paper work and back-office overhaul tasks in case of particular errors in the paycheck issuance. What is even more interesting about electronic payroll is that it cuts down the time needed to transfer the funds that the usual transaction always entails.

Lastly, electronic payroll is the latest most secure payment method known in contemporary times. Security against criminal schemes often poses as the most important concern in electronic payroll system.

The Advantage of Wage Pay over Salary in Epayroll Deal

epayroll, hr outsourcing, workers compensation solutions, payroll processing softwareThe epayroll is the newest way for employers to pay their laborers through online transaction. There are indeed certain advantages to wage-based payment.

In order to understand how advantageous wage is over salary, one must first understand what wage-based pay entails. Wages are the kinds of compensation wherein pay is often measured crudely according to specific calculable criteria. For example, some types of labor are measured according to the time or schedule a laborer spent rendering a particular service. These types of pay arrangements are clearly seen in outsourcing time-based businesses. Examples of these careers could range anything between the spectrum of low-wage overseas online teacher and a high-profile scientific consultant. Some parameters of the pay are either regulated by the HR outsourcing middle-man or solely dependent on the agreement between the client and the professional service provider.

Another example of wage-based payment is also determined by quota-dependent labor. In this particular arrangement, workers are paid according to the quantity of their rendered services. Particular cases that most often use quota-based wages are often categorized under skilled mechanical service or manual labor. It could be anything among the spectrum jobs between of a freelance car technician, a tuna fisherman, or a self-employed maintenance man.

Unlike fixed salary, wages can be subject to certain changes depending on important variables in a particular work or labor. For example, companies that provide wages to their workers often issue some career benefits. A construction worker can rise up to become a foreman’s assistant and examples of these career advancements make up the type of workers compensation solutions like in California’s private firms. There are some companies whose standard rate modification is dependent on the performance of the worker or how much he or she puts her back onto the job. The constant rule of the book when it comes to wage-based jobs is that arrangements are simple and crude. Work or service is equal to pay. Absences do not count.

The best way to realize how advantageous wage pay can be is when most people do multiple jobs to support their dire needs. There was a particular case during the most recent American economic recession where salary-earning airline employees were forced to take extra wage-based jobs to make ends meet. In some cases, salary-based pay may prove to be a little inefficient due to the fact that the company has sole control of how the pay is doled out. Salary payroll delays, which are often natural for some firms, could get in the way of anyone who has the habit of working very diligently.

Now with the emergence of payroll processing software, a lot of wage-based employees enjoy the benefits of easily accessing their earnings. This is particularly pertinent to self-employed entrepreneurs who can appreciate the sum of their hard work during good days. Salary-based pay has no concrete measurement when it comes to how much they truly performed in their job. Wages measured either in schedule or quota keeps workers from wondering how good or how bad they performed.

Flexible Payroll Solutions: Tobacco Currency from the New World

flexible payroll solutions, hr system, hr outsourcingBefore we had modern flexible payroll solutions through automated financial systems, people relied on universally intrinsic commodities.

Before the United States of America became the superpower that it is today in our contemporary era, it was once a backwater colony for migrating Europeans. People in Europe who occupy the nether strata of society are driven to cross the ruthless Atlantic Ocean to this fabled land called the New World. These brave adventurers comprised of disillusioned citizens, criminals, indentured servants and other types of undesirables had nothing else to lose. Yet they could barely fathom how grateful their descendants would be in the future as their new home offered them enormous wealth.

New natural resources rearranged the commerce of the New World settlers. Commodities like sugar, corn, and cotton are just among the fewest on the list of America’s earliest greatest wealth. But of all these commodities, only tobacco has proven itself the paramount in terms of monetary value that this product was eventually turned into a currency. Many of the pastoral industries in America fashioned their HR system in accordance to the specific needs of mass producing these agricultural commodities.

In these times, the European craze directed much of New World agriculture to prioritize the growing of tobacco and mass producing it for export. People in the New World were strictly forbidden to sell to patrons other than their own motherland. Because authority figures pose no limits as to the intrinsic value of tobacco, colonists know that they can trade tobacco leaves for everything else.

This form of currency soon touched the laws that govern the land. Any violations of their own laws involve payment of tobacco in several hundreds of pounds, and all knew how hefty such a loss was.

In these archaic times employment eligibility is not as complicated as it is today. The labor department of the tobacco industry maintains their own crude standards that are otherwise defined as inhuman in today’s moral convention. The 16th Century tobacco plantation HR outsourcing system of employing indentured colonists and convicted emigrants with pending criminal records from their homeland drastically changed at the turn of the century.

In the early and late 17th Century plantation owners started purchasing African slaves and formulated laws that would permanently relegate them in the position of irredeemable servitude. With the use of African slaves the tobacco industry was nearly outmatched by sugar, corn and cotton and it helped America reach the same level of affluence that their European predecessors have enjoyed centuries before.

When the 13 colonies of America successfully ousted their imperial rulers, the tobacco currency slowly died out in practice. Many of the laws in this wealthy and democratic nation are amended in the following generations, particular the slave trade.

Around 18th Century, America finally reached the zenith of commercial affluence and they started using standard modern currencies like coins and paper money. Nowadays, the first thing that would come into the minds of modern Americans when they think of tobacco would be the “accepted reality of lung cancer”. But there was once a time when tobacco meant everything materially sound for the early settlers of the New World.