Employee Benefit Packages

Benefits Administration


HR Exchange, Inc. makes it easier to provide group benefits plan for your employees through its employee benefits insurance and payroll management services. We provide HR payroll services for a variety of plans and offer customization options for the plan of your choice. While specializing in comprehensive group employee benefit packages, we can also assist you in finding ideal coverage for individuals and families. HRX partners with most of the major carriers in the country in offering a wide range of group benefit packages including:

 Medical                                                     Vision

 Long-Term Disability                            401(K)

 Dental                                                        Life

 Section 125                                               Life

 COBRA                                                      Short-Term Disability


HRX Benefits Support


Our flexibility allows us to offer customized employee benefit packages to meet your specific needs. Our representatives will help you select the right plan for your business and support you with::

 Designated client service specialists

 A welcome call and welcome packet with policy information and a guidebook

 Setup of new insurance account

 Contribution calculation and initial deduction setup

 Enrollment assistance

 Reports that track the eligibility and enrollment status of employees

 Premium deduction management for new hires, qualifying events, or status changes

 Coordination with your carrier

 Shopping for alternative plans at renewal time



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