Go Green Services

You want to Go Green but wonder how you can do it with payroll? HRX online payroll services can help eliminate paper waste and save precious natural resources that are usually associated with the payroll process. We can help your business save money and help the environment at the same time.


These are just few of the ways you can Go Green with our paperless capabilities:


• Payroll Processing: all processing can be completed online

• Direct Deposit: paper consumption and check distribution costs can be drastically reduced while saving your staff the time and fuel it takes to go to the bank.

• HRX Money Manager Card: employees without bank accounts are issued an HRX Money Manager Card.

• Reports: Generate online reports and save or share them electronically.

• Employee Self Service: Provide your workforce with easy, secure online access to their personal pay information.

• Data Analysis: Review all analytic data online or save as a (.PDF) or Microsoft® Excel file.

• Third Party Checks: HRX will electronically pay any third party (i.e., garnishments, liens, benefits provider, etc.)

• Time and Attendance: paperless time cards; access HRX electronic time sheets on-line

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